Journal History

Warta Perkaretan was originally published by the Sungei Putih Rubber Research Center, Indonesian Plantation Research and Development Association (AP3I) in 1985 with No. ISSN: 0216- 6062.

Afterward, Warta Perkaretan has been renamed as Warta Pusat Penelitian Karet since 1993  which was issued by the Sungei Putih Rubber Research Center according to  the Decree Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) No. 6837 / V.2 / KP / 93 with No. ISSN: 0852-8985.

Along with reorganization of Indonesian  Rubber Research Institute, Warta Pusat Penelitian Karet has renamed to original name in 2004.

Indonesian Rubber Research Institute (Puslit Karet) is one of the Research Institutions under coordination The Indonesian Plantation Research Institute (LRPI) which then was transformed into PT. Riset Perkebunan Nusantara (PT. RPN). The head  office of Indonesian Rubber Research Institute was moved fromTanjung Morawa, North Sumatera to Bogor, West Java since April 2011 by integrating the Bogor Rubber Technology Research Center become part of the Post Rubber Harvest Research Division,

Warta Perkaretan was confirmed as an Accredited Scientific Journal, and the recognition is stated in Scientific Journal Accreditation Certificate No: 566 / Accredited / P2MILIPI /04/2014 in accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) No: 341 /E/ 2014 on April 25, 2014. Warta Perkaretan is a medium for Indonesian Rubber Research Institute to disseminate the latest technology information for the rubber industry to plantation practitioners and general users

This journal contains scientific articles in the form of:

  • Results of research in the field of pre-harvest, post-harvest, and socio-economic industries of the rubber.
  • The results of scientific studies / reviews about the development of science and technology in the rubber field.

The material Warta Perkaretan originally comes from the research activities results  and studies / reviews of researchers.

The journal has been accredited by Indonesia Science Institute (LIPI) based on Certificate of accreditation Number 775/AU1/P2MI-LIPI/08/2017 and Decree Number 1015/E/2017 dated on 20 September 2017. The journal provides open access publication system and it is indexed by Indonesian Scientific Journal Database (ISJD), SINTA 2 Rank, and Google Scholar (h index = 7).